Tuesday, 18 June 2013

Judge Emma Smith is currently very 'unwell'


Judge Emma Smith, who grace's the halls of the Family Court of Christchurch (or should that been thunders the halls as she isn't what I would call 'delegate') originating from New Plymouth and the law firm Govett Quilliam. Judge Noel Walsh, also a Christchurch Family Court sprung from the same firm. I always get curious when too many Judges come from the same law firm...bias perhaps?

Emma Smith is known for her court room 'outbursts' and her tantrum throwing pens! Yes it's not the first or only time she has flung objects across a court room.
Using a 'pen' as a weapon, would that be a criminal offence?

She is menopausal and at the extreme end of it!
She has no idea of what she is doing in the court room. In the normal course of Judges she isn't even ignorant or arrogant. She is just plain moody, nasty and vicious. She can't control her temper and she has no dignity.
Personally, if she started to act in a remote way of being 'normal' I would consider that to be a very bad sign.

If this is how she acts in a court room imagine what she is like in her home! Let me tell you....
She's no better! She raises her voice to the point the neighbours can hear her. She is in constant family feuds with her family.

The case that has sprung her to life in the media, is also nothing abnormal for her. She has a very, very long list of cases where she has done the same thing. My challenge to her is. If Emma Smith has that much faith in her own Judgements, then she can send her children to this guy for the weekend. Like I have said in my previous post, if Emma thinks it's good enough for other kids then it's good enough for hers, or her nieces. Anyone want to take bets she wont take the challenge up?

It is also becoming clear that the Family Court is not having a good time at the moment. I think given the amount of people contacting me and others, the amount of websites up about the Family Court. It is going to get much worse for them! Even the Sensible Sentencing Trust is starting to comment about Family Court Judges.

So, Simon David Heale is Emma Smiths partner. They live at 84 Knowles Street Saint Albans Christchurch. They have two daughters Caitlin aged 14, and Abbey aged 11. Abbey attends Catherdral Grammer School.

This is Caitlin. She looks like her mother! God help children everywhere!! There's two of them.

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  1. Smith has brought the whole Judiciary into disprepute.

    If anyone knows of some more examples of her unprofessional screaming and throwing pens in court, I would love to inform the Judicial Conduct Commissioner... she will go.


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