Saturday, 29 June 2013

A childs point of view

The posting I am about to re-copy below is from a young girl who has not had a opportunity to 'be a kid'. She has been separated from her mother, her three other sisters and a home. I know this girl personally and know what she has been through. I was in her life when her family was whole and I was there when it fell apart. Over the past few months she has had suicidal pages up and a unhealthy obsession with suicide. This is the psychological scar from her families break down. She has had some help, is much better now and working through her feelings. This girl knows my door is always open to her and she has a support network that she can turn too. But her post below shows just how much this girl wants some normality to return to her life.

I remember when my mum and i used to be so close that i went everywhere with her. I remember when my dad and i would go for long bike rides together. I remember when we had a great bond. I remember when my family all used to be as happy as can be and there was never an argument between any of us but now its turned around completely. Mum and i arent close anymore in fact i dont even see her. Dad and i have lost our bond. He's always out at the pub now. I just want my family back to the way it used to be. No fighting no excuses to avoid me no being left home alone no neglection. I just want my family back.


  1. That is so sad! I hope she is going to be ok.

  2. sigh........this was my recent response to this girl..

    When I first meet you, I said you are so beautiful and I made sure everyone heard me! I wish you were in my life you can be happy. No matter were you are at in your life you will always be a welcome sight to me. When you need someone, you come and find me. I make a promise too you to make sure everything is alright.

    So many 'adults' have failed this girl and her three sister's it defines logic! the police, family court, cyfs, her parents and certain people out there who don't even know this girl or her history have decided they should stick their nose in!

    I will even say I failed her. I missed the signs of her depression due to how busy my life was. It wasn't until my husband said' have you seen little miss posts' and read them to me that it hit me what was happening. I had the most sickest feeling I have ever had in my life!

  3. family court judges and lawyers are killing our kids!! this has got to be stopped wake up new zealand

  4. god i have tears in my eyes after reading what that girl has said and your response.

  5. For years I have been giving money to the Young NZ Foundation to help get their programme into schools about preventing suicide. I am doubling what I give them now! I was shocked and what her page had written on it....stuff like...'The voices in my head tell me I'm dead' I was like, who writes that sort of stuff, and why is a teenager writing it!!!....and pictures of girls that were anorexic, pictures of people cutting themselves and things like the new pain dulls the old pain..and the worse thing was her so called 'friends' where agreeing with it, I was like- where are these kids parents?? bad bad stuff that no teenager should ever been feeling.


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