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What is Child abuse?

"Child abuse is all forms of physical and /or emotional ill-treatment, sexual abuse, neglect or deprivation or commercial or other exploitation of any child or young person."

"Children may also be harmed in the wider community through, exploitation and institutional abuse."

"Christchurch Family Court lawyers are also known to abuse children to exploit money from them".

"Child abuse includes the support of child abuse and the knowledge of child abuse. The failure to report child abuse, adds to the child abuse".

What does a 'child abuser' look like'?


Stephanie Helen Marsden (Logan)
Born November 19, 1966

If my readers could please email Stephanie and inform her of this post I would be truly grateful.

Married to Andrew George William Logan (a Property lawyer) married on the 05 November 1993.
It's a good thing he is a solicitor of the Mental Health group. There is some help there for Stephanie Marsden!

Her children are, Harriet Elizabeth Logan, Anna Fiona Logan.

She lives at 23 Woodford Terrace Ilam, Christchurch. She has a nice fence. If anyone happens to be down this street and has a spray can in their car. Feel free, with my full support and permission to spray paint ‘child abuser’ along that nice fence :)

Stephanie Helen Marsden needs a ‘sever kick up her ample backside’. To say the least.

We all know how ‘psychologically screwed up’ lawyers are.

And Stephanie Marsden is no exception to that rule now proudly worn by Lawyers.

So why is Stephanie Marsden named as a ‘child abuser’ and ‘psychosocially screwed up’?

Stephanie Marsden has this philosophy going on about keeping children and parents a part at all costs. Now, I have thought about this and why are family court lawyers so adamant on this type of behaviour.

If you live with this delusional belief that you should stop a child having a meaning full relationship with THEIR biological parent. Then, you seriously have issue (this is removing any care and protection issues such as sexual and physical abuse). Mentally.

It makes no difference if you’re the parent, lawyer, Judge, psychologist or social worker. It is a seriously abnormal pattern of thinking. If not a sign of Psychotic traits.

In my line of work. I have to undergo Psychometric testing all the time. I am also credited to administer Psychometric testing. I am happy to report, I am not a Psychotic serial killer! (which is good to know)

I can’t say the same for Stephanie Marsden, however.

The Psychology of evil.

‘Diagnosing Evil in Australian Courts: Psychopathy and Antisocial Personality Disorder as Legal Synonyms of Evil”  Janet Ruffles (Monash Universality, Australia)

..Such avoidance of the concept of evil by the courts is indicative of the law’s commitment to the principals of logic and reason. That is, the nature of the law dictates that it requires a rational explanation of criminal behaviour, grounded not in the slippery terrain of philosophy and theology, but rather in a scientific frame of reference. In short, the law requires an expert explanation of evil…

The Family Court is a perfect court to examine the concept of ‘evil’.  The Criminal law deals with those who break the law. The Family court does not. What the Family Court brings forward is the dysfunctional way lawyers, Judges and others associated with it think. In fact, the Family court brings out the ‘evil’ in all. If any Psychologist had an interest in human behaviour, the family court is the perfect study for it.

You can cover all social economic statues, genders, environmental variables, cultural contexts and cognitive processes. It would be any Social Psychologists dream!

Being Evil is not the same as being mad. That is, the concept of evil is much more likely to be evoked when confronted with an individual who understands the difference between right and wrong, yet proceeds to commit a heinously wrongful act without any clear motivation and which, therefore, and defies rational explanation.

In easy terms, we have those that do evil acts and know they are wrong to commit. Those who do evil acts and do not realise it is wrong (we call them mentally impaired, which is a whole new argument so please don't bring it up). And those who I experienced in South East Asian a few months back that are evil-know it- yet carry guns and will shot at you if you try to stop their evil acts! Which can be a bitch at the best of times.

So back to Stephanie Marsden (or Family Court Lawyers in general).

Stephanie Marsden is evil. If evil was a liquid it would drip from her. She is nasty to the bone!

She is the evil- where she commits an act and knows full well it is wrong. Her behaviour defies rational and logical thinking.

Child abuse is an evil. The type of abuse to a child and how it effects the rational thinking of wither it is a ‘known wrong’ or a ‘not-know wrong’. Effects our (or more mine since I am the one exploring it and it is up to the reader as to their thinking) rational concept of thinking.

The definition of child abuse is broad. I only want to cover the concept of child abuse in relation to the way Family Court lawyers act.  

Stephanie Marsden’s ‘act’ of child abuse, is to stop the parent and child relationship. She has no grounds to do this. So, it is a basic evil she is presenting. There is no motivation for this, other than money. Which brings me to ‘child extortion’ abuse.

Is it extortion of a child, for a Family Court Lawyer to not act within the law? The law being the Care of Children Act.  Her 'act of evil' is resulting in her making a financial gain- extortion?

To be continued.

Stay tuned to see more on Stephanie Marsden, and the elusive tape recordings of her appalling behaviour in COURT (Marsden you have three days to pull her head in and stop obstructing access between the parents and children of ALL your clients. They have all contacted me and you have a very interesting 'pattern of behaviour', that your family is learning off).

My continued post will be much more 'forceful' and 'harsher'.

Also, I will name the next Family Court Lawyer who will be suffering extensively!

This post will evolve over the next few days. This post is an example for other Family Court Lawyers. Too what they will also be experiencing themselves.

This post is being circulated to the family, friends and organisations the Christchurch Family Court Lawyer associates with.

Tape recordings of this FEMALE Christchurch Lawyer, including the RAPE of a female, the abuse of a female, the abuse of children, three Judges telling this Lawyer OFF and the lawyers emails. Are currently being formatted for placement on youtube (sorry it takes a bit of time when there is 10 hours of it!).

This is a post this lawyer IS NEVER going to forget.

I welcome this lawyer to what the rest of her- and her children's- life is going to be.

The more this lawyer LIES in court, the more this post will be copied to other websites. So when people 'google' her NAME and her CHILDRENS names, two pages of this post will be seen.

This post is also being sent to ALL Family Court Judges. So they can see what they (and their children) are in for, IF their abuse continues!


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