Wednesday, 16 October 2013


And it begins.

So after a wee 'hiccup' the elusive recordings of New Zealand Family Court Judges and Family Court Lawyers behaving badly in the court is now on show.

I will be throwing open the doors of the Family Court and you can hear (or see in some cases) just what goes on behind closed doors.

Your going to hear (see) familiar names (faces) already mentioned here. Yes, to you many Lawyers coming here. I have recordings of you all.

First up, Stephanie Marsden. A peek here, of Judge Russell telling Marsden and her client off. For their abuse of a child.

More to come over the weekend.


Part Two, of Stephanie Marsden and her abuse of children. An expansion on just why she is so heartless. Court Notes on how boring it is being in court with Marsden.

Judge De Jong, his fraud exposed. All these years claiming to be Anti- Domestic Violence and then admits in court it was all a 'knee jerk'. What a way to kill a reputation.


You will get to meet and hear Stephanie Marsden's most pathetic client. Their behaviour is the most disgusting you will ever hear. With half of the community they live in laughing at them! This is now circulating all family members of Marsden and her clients.


Lawyer David Polson, all scared over being recorded. I will help clear up that fear and put up his recording.

PLUS,  More Judges address. And a 'Dear Judge Druce', gee looks like I was/am right. The mother obstructs access still AND is ignoring the parenting order.  Must be that more 'life experience' I have than you.


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