Sunday, 6 October 2013

Judge Peter Spiller

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Here's an up date on Judge Peter Spiller. The 'six degrees and two doctorates' but is now officially out done by a High Court Judge! there any District Court Judge with a least half a brain in New Zealand? No matter how much study they have done, they still can't get ANTHING right.

A Hamilton man who was controversially granted bail after allegedly assaulting his pregnant partner on two occasions has had his bail ...revoked in the High Court.
Blair Corrie Slater, 24, faces charges of assault with intent to injure, burglary, breach of protection order and two of common assault after an alleged assault on his former partner, Nikki Carley, on September 9.
The alleged assault follows an earlier similar alleged incident involving Slater and Miss Carley in April.
Miss Carley is currently 28 weeks pregnant.
However, Miss Carley's mother Jo Pallesen was appalled at Judge Peter Spiller's decision to grant him bail despite the charges - which Slater denies - and several other alleged breaches of bail.
Slater lives just over 650m from Miss Carley's house.
In the High Court at Hamilton yesterday, Justice Hansen overturned Judge Spiller's decision.
Justice Hansen said the onus should be on Slater to prove he is suitable for bail and his spate of alleged offending this year did not do anything to help his cause.
In her argument to overturn the decision, crown prosecutor Louella Dunn said the couple's four-year-old daughter was also too scared to live with her mother in case Slater turned up.
Justice Hansen said the complainant's views should be paramount in the bail decision.
Mrs Pallesen, who was in court to hear the decision, was overwhelmed by Justice Hansen's decision to put Slater behind bars.
"I'm looking forward to a good night's sleep tonight," she said.
Mrs Pallesen had feared for her daughter's life.
Upon news of the Decison to grant bail last week, the Women's Refuge had provided Miss Carley with a panic button.

So to Judge Peter Spiller I say..........



  1. он смогрит гей

    1. Если вы имеете в виду судью? ходят слухи!


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