Wednesday, 10 April 2013

Finally Rachael Stamford/Forde has a lawyer!!!!!!

Thank goodness, the case was really starting to get boring. Now for some real legal fun.

Rachael's lawyer is Lauren Nicole Pegg, her husband is Stuart Philip Pegg (I will save their address for later). Rachael could not have picked a better lawyer as I already have case files on this lawyer.
And I know a lot about her family.

Anyway back to lawyers.....

I truly love lawyers. Apparently they have a high suicide rate. But I have never looked into that claim. It would not surprise me given lawyers are really nothing more than 'professional liars' and at some point their conscience has to get the better of them. Also there is a special place in hell for lawyers. I think its the spot that burns the hottest :)

I also love their 'legal' claims, like 'its not my job to verify client information'. That's how they get away with lying in court. Really, to bring the court back to its main purpose would be to hold lawyers accountable when their clients lie in court. But that's never going to long as lawyers live.
And there would be a lot of lawyers in jail on perjury charges, they would out do all criminal sectors in fact.

I hate self -litigates. Rachael is a perfect example why. They never file paper work to the legal requirements (Type setting, space setting etc). Rachael's court documents were more like a 'letter' to the courts. Plus for some strange reason she put in a police officers email address. Sorry Rachael but no court/Judge is going to email a police officer...I mean really! what a way to make an ass of yourself in court. BUT I did email the police officer (got hold of her picture and picture of her husband and kid too) as well as the Police commissioner for an 'explanation'. I am still waiting for a response. But hey God loves a trier.

Back to the Peggs.......So  this is how lawyers operate. Rachael walks in with a big sob story...a number of lies (which will bite the Peggs in the bum, buts that's a later post). Lauren sits there nods her head and tells Rachael what Rachael wants to hear. Why? Because Lauren sees big dollar signs flash before her eyes. Money and getting paid is all lawyers care about. Lawyers don't care about their clients, or what their behaviour does to people. They are soul-less, spineless (Because I have had a number run a mile when they have learned I was on a case) and heart-less.

Here's what people don't realise about their lawyers. They are good losers. Lawyers lose 50% of the time. And lawyers know this, they know ANYTHING can happen in a court. I love it when lawyers sit there and tell their clients they have a case and then lose the case in court. The clients walk away very bewildered and ask their lawyers 'What happened?' Then the lawyer says 'Well that's the way it goes'? 'Now pay me'.  I would have thought Rachael would have learnt this with Maree McDonald and her attempt to get to Australia and lost. But hey God loves a trier and Rachael NEVER learns.

So Peggs will be feeding Rachael and feeding her well. News flash Peggs. I have had it all. All that you are filing and thoughts going through your head with regards to me, have already been done by past lawyers only to fail.  Feel free to threaten, abuse and file whatever you like with regards to me. Its been done and dusted and it will be the perfect way for you and Rachael to learn a hard lesson. They have even tried to shut me down and failed! Both you and your client or going to get a shock.

So, a message to Peggs (she has been coming here). I don't serve documents on lawyers. You will need to ask the courts every day if anything has been filed and to get a copy from them. Yes you can complaint to the courts. They will not tell me off or do anything, because I have been doing it that way 10 years and they are use to it. No Judge has ever told me off and the ones that tried got ignored and they have not pursued the matter.

There are documents filing next week with regards to a warrant against your client that you will want as well as other court proceedings. The High Court has also been 'moved'.

I look forward to working with you.....oooooops who am I kidding...I mean telling New Zealand about you and your family. Don't worry Peggs in about 6 months time you are going to wish Rachael had never walked into your the time I have finished 123 Larnach Road Dunedin is going to be on the market! 

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