Tuesday, 4 March 2014

The Court house corridors are decorated with STD's

So one of my readers and I have had an interest discussion over 'Who's bonking Who' in the halls of the Courts of New Zealand.

Well, I thought it was last months news. I mean who didn't know? that most of the  Judges/Lawyers/Registrars spend half their time in each others pants!

The STD's beginning's where in the court rooms!

One lawyer who's medical records I took a sneak peek at, was tested 7 times in 24 months!
Yuck, don't ever touch anything when in court, you seriously can catch something!


They are about as bad as the Police and CIB who spend most of their time bed hopping each others partners.

It's gross because they are old people! That's just full on disturbing!

Stop and think for a moment. Its a MAJOR moral, value and character tester when your cheating on your wife. Not to mention lying to your family. And here New Zealand is letting this guy loose in a court room with children!

To make matters even more 'creepy'. Sarah Fleming (after being sprung as the other female) went around flaunting herself like she had won a prize............on please honey he's not Johnny Depp! save it... or save yourself.

Laurence Ryan's ex-wife, is a really lovely person. I will not name her, but I just want to say.
She is way easier on the eye than Sarah Fleming! no wonder old Ryan needs a Viagra!
Plus, unlike Sarah Fleming who's as evil as they come. Ryan's ex- wife works as a manger of a women's refuge. She helps people! She's charitable. How awesome is that.

What's rather funny. Laurence Ryan's ex-wife has in fact kept on using 'Ryan' as her name. Why? Because it really RUBS Laurence and Sarah the wrong way!.......lol.....

And of course his own kids hate him for what he did to their mother! They are just hoping he kicks the bucket soon so they can get their inheritance.

One of Laurence Ryan's family members has a big mouth and likes to let the family secrets spill.

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