Wednesday, 12 June 2013

McKenzie Friend has lawyers running scared

Emily Gendall should stick to giving her clients legal advise, not the other party.
Lawyers send letters like the one to other parties because there case is on a crash course to fail, and they get desperate.

Perhaps Emily should just do what Lauren Pegg does and say to the Judge how her name is all over blogs and therefore no child should ever see their father never knew that was written in the Care Of Children Act..oh wait it isn't- Tui add!

The reason Family Court Lawyers don't like self-litigants is because they have more ability to explain to a Judge the love for their child and the power of their relationship with the child. Lawyers can't do this. At the moment there is a case going through the High Court in which the Applicant is has no lawyer BUT an Advocate. I laughed when they sent me one of their submissions recently.

The front page had the Applicant and then the ten (yes ten) defendants!

At the bottom of the page it lists this;

This document is filed by:
Robert Lee, Advocate for Applicant
Contact Details for Counsel for Defendants
Jo Douglas, Counsel for 1st Defendant
Antoinette Russell Counsel for 2nd, 3rd & 6th Defendants

Katerine Evans Advocate for 4th Defendant

David Gee, Advocate for 5th Defendant

G Burt, Counsel for 10th Defendant

The Applicants has a very strong case and already the defendants are asking for 'more time' because they are frantic to defend themselves!

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