Monday, 25 November 2013

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So I am chilling at Auckland airport waiting for my flight to Christchurch and I am filling in time waiting on youtube to upload the Emma Smith stuff AND I get this email.

Apparently someone is driving around Wellington pulling a billboard with Judge Ian Mill's picture on it with the words. Ian Mill, Child abuser and Child killer!

Remember Judge Ian Mill?

This car/billboard has been parked on his street, parked on the streets his two daughters live and they plan on parking it at the streets his grandkids attend day-care at!

I think this is a fabulous idea. You could do this to anyone! Judges, Lawyers, social workers, registrars, police, the possibilities are endless. An excellent marketing campaign.

So I have asked for some photos to be sent to me so I can put them up. Also, it would be excellent publicity to have the police involved to (the driver has a video camera and is hoping to get some police on film to up the publicity for it).

So if anyone here lives in Wellington, ring the coppers and tell them someone is driving around with a billboard of Judge Ian Mill- lets try and get it on the news!

classic absolute classic

The District Court has a new Village Idiot
Every village has an idiot. And when it comes to the District Court, Judges seem to take turns at holding this title.

Judge Ian Grant Mill. Married to Wendy Anne Mill. He was a lawyer in the Timaru district and still owns a place in Gleniti, 26 Hopkins street to be exact.

Herbert Alexander and Olwyn Myfanway Mill are his parents (diseased, and a good thing as they will be turning in their graves over what this Judge does).

Brother is Jeff Mill, who lives at 4/8 Nile Street Highfield Timaru.

His three daughters:

Geraldine Emma Mill, married to Reiner Eulink. Address, 48 Ferry Hill Drive, Lower Shotover Queenstown.

Esther Alice  Mill, married to Gareth Walker. Address, 65 Mark Ave, Paparangi.

Frances Anne Mill, married to Aaron Bellingham. Address, 30 Marlborough Street, Upper Hutt

Plus there are grandchildren! pictures have been obtained and I will post them soon.

I have had an email about this Judge. He has blood on his hands! He has been responsible for people taking their own lives over his behaviour in the court room. In short he is an idiot. He has no idea of the basic foundations of the law and no life experience. A fifteen year old who fell into the wrong crowd and really just needed pointing in the right direction died (he hung himself) because Ian blasted him in court. His mother said that prior to one boy leading her son astray, he was a straight A student wanting to be a doctor. Good one Ian Mill hope your proud of yourself.

Ian has also been involved in a little bit of a scandalous issue. There has been a case where he was personally know to one of the parties and some inappropriate influence went on (another Judge Bill Wilson situation).

Ian Grant Mill is also a liar. Yes, most District Court Judges lie and then get caught either through a Higher Court or their own inconsistent admissions when the JCC gets involved. But Ian Mill has a strange style of lying. He makes references to things that never even happen in court!  or even get talked about. That's like making up your own lies.

He also spent $10,275.39 of tax payers funds when on a conference in Orlanda.

In Wellington recently he showed full support for child abuse and the sexual abuse of children.

Judge Ian Grant Mill lives at 14 Kio Road Hataitai Wellington. His phone number is 04 386 2202


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